Western Europe – Cultural Treasure Trove

There is a true beauty in traveling through Western Europe, given the major cities in each country all boast a wealth of unique landmarks and activities – all entrenched in rich history, both uplifting and tragic. It’s suffice to say, to fully experience all that the western half of the continent has to offer requires a true immersion and months, if not years of dedicated time commitment. For most of us, such an endeavor may remain a pipe dream, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t aspire to chip away at the vast expanse of cultural experience that is Western Europe, one city at a time. As I explore more of this eclectic region, I will further expand on the list below (which remains an utterly paltry list at the moment), so please check back or subscribe to my newsletter below to be notified of new posts!

Cannes, France 

Vienna, Austria
Hallstatt, Austria

Berlin, Germany – City Itinerary
Berlin, Germany – Foodie Guide

Prague, Czech Republic – City Itinerary
Prague, Czech Republic – Foodie Guide

Budapest, Hungary – City Itinerary

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