Finland – Winter Wonderland

Finland, or Lapland (northern region) to be exact, is a magical place to visit in the winter. Seeking out below freezing temperatures and mountains of snow may seem absurd to some, but trust me when I say that the wealth of activities and sheer beauty that Lapland has to offer is worth risking a little frostbite.

Our trip to Finland was largely in Rovaniemi, Saariselka, and Ivalo, and we rented a car to get around. Though other cities like Helsinki has its merits, our key focus was on experiencing the winter wonderland, riding snowmobiles, seeing reindeer, sledding with huskies, and of course, chasing down and witnessing the northern lights. We visited in February, which was perfect for our purpose, but below is a quick snapshot of the weather you can expect throughout the year:

Lapland Temps

If you’re convinced and/or intrigued, I would highly encourage you to read through a few of my guides below to get some inspiration, and begin planning your itinerary!

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